Thank-you Cascade for creating a great recumbent bike.

As a personal trainer and fitness instructor for more than 20 years I have seen many different types of cardio equipment come and go, but really nothing like the CMXRT bike.  You can use a heart rate monitor, the bike is so smooth and the programs are great.  I am training for Ironman Boulder 2015 and the CMXRT has been a key part of my training.

M Roberts
Fitness Director
Steamboat Springs, CO

The CMXRT was great after knee surgery

I had knee surgery about 6 months ago and after being done with physical therapy, I thought I’d need to wait another 2 or 3 months to take another spin class.  However, I was invited to do the class on the CMXRT recumbent and it was great!  I really like how smooth it is and I can use my bike shoes if i want to.

H Park

The CMXRT seat is very comfortable and can be adjusted

I was impressed with the CMXRT.  And I really like that I had a variety of programs to do if I was not doing a spin class.

J Harper

ACE Study – How Cycling Backwards Improves Your Performance

A recent ACE study illustrates the benefits of pedaling backwards. The cycling study showed that pedaling backward on the Cascade CMXRT elicited higher heart-rate and energy-cost values than pedaling at identical workloads in the forward direction. The increase in physiological response was reflected by higher muscle activation of the quadriceps muscles, which is consistent with the subjects’ descriptions of feeling like they had to “pull” the pedals when cycling backward.

Maria Cress, a member of the research team for this study, points out that by improving quadriceps strength by pedaling in the backward direction, cyclists will experience improved strength for regular cycling. “They will be able to work at a higher workload at a lower RPE and heart rate,” says Cress, “which means that incorporating backward pedaling into your routine will eventually make pedaling forward mentally and physically easier.”

Read the full study here