Over the years I have used many cardio machines in many different gyms. As a frame of reference, of all I worked out on, I preferred the treadmill to run on, when I still could, and the Stairmaster Gauntlet, when available, About 6 years ago I created a home gym. It was/is equipped with a Stairmaster stepper, spin bike, treadmill, elliptical, rowing machines, stepmills, and a Helix. I was using the spin bike until peddling became too painful because of an injury . So, I went to my local fitness store (Syracuse Fitness) to find a replacement first trying the Avalanche but thought that new Schwin Aerodyne Pro was vastly superior. So, I traded my bike for the Schwin and was perfectly happy for a few weeks until I saw and then tried the Cascade. I traded up on the spot. I provided this background so the reader will have a frame of reference about how to evaluate my review of the Cascade.
As good as the Schwin Aerodyne Pro is, which is vastly superior to the Avalance and other airbikes used for crossfit, the Cascade performed much better. It was much more robust/solid (built like a tank) beautifully engineered, more stable, easier to set the seat adjustment-height and distance from the bars because it is engineered for minute adjustments done easily and quickly, worked more smoothly, with better seat comfort than other stationary bikes, and the controls worked better and were easier to read. The display is easily read and the HR easily and quickly paired with my Polar 10 in a few seconds. The first time on the bike, for a 20 minute “ride,” I easily got my HR up to 135, putting in about the same perceived effort used on the Schwin, where my HR didn’t exceed 131. This is by far the best piece of cardio I have ever used for elevating HR quickly and maintaining a good workout zone, as well as comfort and ease of use. Other cardio machines I have used, or own, require some setup before use, but the Cascade can be fired up immediately which makes it ideal for interval and HITT training.

Try one yourself. You will not believe how vastly superior it is to any other airbikes available and most commercial cardio machines.