Brett and Wendy


Wendy and I are both busy juggling work and family but also remain committed to our goal of lifelong fitness. The CMXPro Power enables us to keep active, whether we are working off the stress from a day in the office or training for a sprint triathlon or ½ Ironman.

We especially appreciate the CMX SMARTECH Power console. The display enables us to stay on track with our training goals rain or shine. Both of us stay motivated by seeing the power console display output data in real time. It definitely makes you work harder when you can see your progress.

The CMXPro Power is extremely quiet, easy to adjust, and has the feel of solid quality when riding it.  It’s smooth and consistent when out of the saddle due to the quality bearings and weight of the flywheel. Love the little touches too like the dual build in water bottle cages, great for those longer rides indoors (and we do plenty of those living in rainy Seattle!)

We have both recently been coming back from injuries, which has made us even bigger fans of the CMXPo Power feedback. Because of the way we can monitor console feedback and the level of resistance (1-16), we are able to compare our recovery progress week over week without overdoing our workouts.

We would both highly recommend the CMXPro Power to anyone with lifelong fitness as a goal, to athletes and also to anyone recovering from injury as a great tool to help with a rehab program.

Brett and Wendy