Why Use An Ergometer? We’re so glad you asked!

Why Use An Ergometer? We’re so glad you asked!

CMX ERG EgometerAn Ergometer like the Cascade CMXErg+ may be just the exercise solution you are looking for! Athletes love ergometers to vary their workouts and to warm up at a low intensity prior to heavier resistance training. Easy to use but highly effective, ergometers are also widely used in rehabilitation and can be a great way to improve upper body conditioning when injuries to the knees, hips and the legs make it hard to use cardio products like treadmills and ellipticals.

Here are 5 other great reasons to use an ergometer:

  • Improve Core Strength and Stability – the upper body rotary motion uses core-stabilizing muscles, strengthening the abdominal and back muscles
  • Alternative Strength Training – in addition to cardiovascular work, an ergometer can be used as a safe, simple strength program. As a bonus, an ergometer can save you time since it combines cardio and strength segments in a single workout
  • Rest Your Legs – cyclists, runners and other athletes fall victim to leg fatigue. An upper body exercise ergometer supplements workouts, and reduces the risk of injury from repetitive strain or overuse
  • Stay Fit While Injured – an ergometer provides a way to stay fit while recovering from a lower body injury.
  • Great Upper Body Warm Up – 5 minutes on an upper body ergometer, changing directions every 30 seconds, warms up and prepares the shoulders for a heavy upper body workout with weights

While there are many ergometers on the market, the portable self-powered commercial quality Cascade CMXErg+ is a great value. It has 8 levels of smooth, quiet magnetic bi-directional resistance, adjustable cranks, a carrying handle, and soft easy grip foam cushions.  The console tilts to different viewing angles and displays time, speed, distance and calories. Check it out CMXErg+