What does it take to set a world record?

What does it take to set a world record?

Ask Nicoh David – a Chicago based cyclist who passionately believes in the famous quote attributed to Gandhi – “be the change you want to see the world.” In this case, the change Nicoh wants to see is more awareness of the problems plaguing the inner-city youth of Chicago, including violence, obesity and critical thinking. So Nicoh founded the “Cycle of Peace” – with the personal goal of cycling over 10,000 miles to bring attention to these issues.

But, it can be downright nasty for outdoor cycling in Chicago in the winter. So Nicoh came up with another goal to inspire the local youth he is so passionate about – to break the longest marathon indoor cycling world record.  “I want to demonstrate to at risk youth the power and joy that can be found in living an active lifestyle, staying inspired and facing life’s challenges head on! This world record attempt symbolizes what can happen if you stay focused on what might seem like an impossible goal.”

So just how long will Nicoh will have to pedal? The answer is for more than 11 days, with just 5-minute rest breaks for every hour cycled. The current record was achieved by Jamie McDonald in Gloucester, UK, who lasted 268 hours, 32 minutes and 44 seconds in December 2012. Man, we are talking some really tired legs here.

In addition, besides incredible stamina, passion, and a bit of the crazies, it also takes a darn good indoor cycling bike to go the distance.    That’s where Cascade exercise bikes come in. Last fall when Nicoh tried this feat, the bike he was riding broke a pedal. So upon hearing of his next attempt in February, Cascade donated a new CMXPro Power bike to make sure Nicoh has a high performance bike with the right stuff.

On February 15th, the Cascade team will be cheering for Nicoh as he goes for it.  This is a great Valentine’s Day connection for a talented cyclist with a really big heart.

To learn more about Nicoh and the Cycle of Peace, visit thecycleofpeace.org

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