Cascade Climber vs VersaClimber

If you are considering a climber for your home or facility there are many differences between the Cascade Climber and the VersaClimber.


The commercial version of the VersaClimber use an outdated hydraulic resistance system where as the home gym version has no way to change the resistance. The resistance on both models is connected with a mechanical chain drive. The commercial models that have resistance do have not any sort of indicator to help the user remember which resistance level they are using. The Cascade Climber uses an ultra-smooth magnetic resistance system with a simple dial that clearly displays levels ranging from 1 to 16. The magnetic system on the Cascade Climber is more reliable using a belt drive which is the same resistance system used on the top spin bikes in the industry. This magnetic belt driven system is silky smooth and greater longevity and requires less maintenance. A chain driven system requires lubrication, collect dirt and can be noisy.

Heart Rate Monitors

All VersaClimber models do not include heart rate monitoring and are only available as an upgrade. The Cascade Climber provides heart rate monitoring and a wireless chest strap is included for free.


The Cascade Climber frame sports a lifetime warranty while all VersaClimber’s only have a 3 year warranty on their frame. Parts is 5 years on the Cascade Climber vs 1-3 years on the component list and labor is 1 year. Warranty work on the VersaClimber requires the unit to be shipped back to the company where Cascade’s repairs are done on site. See the chart below comparing the warranties between the brands.


The price varies on the VersaClimber depending on which model you choose but at $3,295 the Cascade Climber offer a more features, better technology and a better warranty for the price. Read the below comparison chart outlining the specific differences between the brands and models.

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Cascade Climber vs VersaClimber Comparison

Features Cascade VersaClimber
Commercial Grade X
Variable Resistance 16 Levels Fixed
Heart Rate Fixed n/a
Resistance System Magnetic Hydraulic Oil Hydraulic Oil Hydraulic Oil Hydraulic Oil Hydraulic Oil
Drive System Belt Chain Chain Chain Chain Chain
Hand Range 1-19″ 1-20″ 1-20″ 1-20″ 1-20″ 1-27″
Foot Range 1-19″ 1-20″ 1-20″ 1-20″ 1-20″ 1-10″
Under 8′ Tall
Wheels to move X X X X X
Bluetooth Included X X X Extra Extra
Base/footprint 41″x46″ 36″x44″ 43″x44″ 43″x44″ 42″x45″ 42″x45″
Height 7′-8″ 7′-6″ 7′-10″ 7′-10″ 7′-10″ 7′-10″
Weight 143 lbs 63 lbs 145 lbs 145 lbs 150 lbs 150 lbs
Waterbottle Holder X X X X X
Phone/Tablet Holder X X X X X
Battery Powered X X
Plug-in X
Range of motion limiters 5 X X X option X
Frame Lifetime 3 yrs 3 yrs 3 yrs 3 yrs 3 yrs
Parts 5 yrs 2-3 yrs 2-3 yrs 2-3 yrs 2-3 yrs 2-3 yrs
Wearable Parts 2 yrs 1 yrs 1 yrs 1 yrs 1 yrs 1 yrs
Electronics 1 yr 1 yr 1 yr 1 yr 1 yr 1 yr
Labor 1 yr 1 yr 1 yr 1 yr 1 yr 1 yr
Labor Performed On-Site At Factory At Factory At Factory At Factory At Factory