Cascade Climber vs. Stair Stepper

Why Choose the Cascade Climber over a stair stepper machine?

Adjustable Step Height – 5 Step Height Limiter Positions – to limit step height if wanted.

Easy to Move – The wheels allow you to quickly tilt the machine back and move the Climber around your space.

Adjustable Pace – Not confined to the pace of the stair stepper the Climber allows you to adjust your intensity within your workout. 

Smaller Platform – Not does this make it easy to move around but it takes up less floor space which is essential in a small home or commercial gyms.

Full Body Workout – Use the bar to rest your arms or grab the Climbers handles and include arm and a complete full body workout.

Sale Price: $2,895 $3,595


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Additional Features

Optional Wall Mount

Attach your Climber to a wall and floor. This wall mount bracket comes with the instructions and bolts. *Sold Separately VIEW PRODUCT

16 Levels of Resistance

I total of 16 levels of resistance to provide both high and low intensity workouts and everything in between.

Easy to Read Console

Easy to read console with 6 program options displays time, steps, step height, cadence, calories, heart rate, steps/min, level, and distance. Bluetooth built-in.

Transport Wheels

So easy to quickly tilt back the Climber slightly for the wheels to take over and allow to maneuver the machine.

More Videos of the Cascade Climber

Partner Workout

500ft Challenge

How To Use

Interval Workout

The Cascade Climber Includes

  • 16 Levels Of Smooth And Quiet Magnetic Resistance
  • Adjustable Height Hand Grips – can be placed in 1 of 3 positions depending upon the height of the user
  • Large Foot Plates With Velcro Straps
  • Great Range Of Motion – step and hand ranges 1”-19″
  • Easy To Use And Read Console – with 6 programs and bluetooth
  • Commercial Quality Construction – solid and durable with great warranty
  • Transport Wheels – to easily move
  • Adjustable Levelers – to make stable on a variety of surfaces
  • 5 Step Height Limiter Positions – to limit step height if wanted
  • Hand rails provided for users who want to focus on lower body only
  • Phone/Tablet Holder
  • Water Bottle Holder
  • A 5 kHZ heart rate strap is provided
  • Fits under an 8 foot ceiling
  • Power: 9V battery or 100-240 VAC, both included

Sale Price: $2,895 $3,595